8 Romantic Table Decoration Ideas for Valentine Dinner 2020

Dinner is among things you need to prepare in Valentine party. It is time to stun your guest with romantic table decor for Valentine dinner. Thus, you can began your search. Starting from the simple to elegant looking table decor of the following projects.

1. Candle and White Rose

This setting for Table of four is complete with candle and roses. The pink hue let out a calming sense. Furthermore, dinner by sitting on floor might get you and your guests closer.


2. Romantic Candle Lantern Centerpiece

The candle lit in the lantern. The low light which looks exclusively from the table let out a romantic vibration. The red wine glass also becomes the highlight of your table. Additionally, the butterfly folded napkin adds the elegance in your table.


3. Sweets for Valentine

What is a Valentine without chocolate sweets? This setting might break your typical idea of dinner. Who knows you and your guests have more favor in sweets?


4. Simple and Straightforward Setting

Going with simplistic look for dinner might be a great idea. You’d want your dinner setting give more space to your movement. Thus, your expression while chatting with your guests be less awkward.


5. Romantic Dinner for Two

Valentine for two, Valentine for you. This setting gave you modern feel as well as the rustic feeling from the transparent veil. What could go more romantic than a candle light dinner for two?


6. Bright Setting for Family Dinner

Having a merry guests at your party? This table setting is perfect for you. Firstly, the bright colors is perfect for your evening talk. The decorations are centered, giving you more space to express yourselves.


7. Minimalist Look Dining Setting

The minimalist look is popular nowadays. The straightforward centerpiece, cutlery settings could create a sense of sincerity. Enjoying your dinner with a clear sight to your guests are always an advantage to enjoy the evening.


8. Of Sweets and Light Pink

Lastly, for fans of cupcakes and macaroons, this setting might be the one for you. The arrangement of sweets is perfect for hand picks. Furthermore, the lovely boxes of macaroon impresses your guest even after they took them home.


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