21 Memorable Engagement Decor Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

You can’t be too careful in preparing big events. Planning an engagement decor for celebrate valentine day is among those days. The projects you will find here will guarantee you inspirations to arrange your decors. Get ready to get creative!

The day of engagement is identical to sweet and romantic themes. The closest you can prepare for that is the engagement cake, the cookies for guests, and, of course, the cocktail. At the same time, prepare a pink or red heart shaped decors for your party. Since, Valentine’s Day is incomplete without the classic red heart decor.

Engagement is identical with a sweet and romantic moment. Nevertheless, if you prepare an outdoor party, tropical decoration with fresh leaves and earth colour kinds of stuff is the best choice.
Bored with an ordinary hanging decoration? Make your own using several kinds and color of origami paper. Pink, gold and white is the perfect combination for a lovey-dovey couple.
Need something to put on the center of attention? the cake is the answer. In addition, don’t forget to make your initial name on your cake to silently shout that this is your day.
An ordinary chocolate cake with blueberry means getting through all the bittersweet, you still stick together and get ready for a new chapter of relationship. What a perfect highlight of the day.
Cocktail is a must. Moreover, for an intimate party with family and close friends, a pinkish cocktail with cherries will be forever remembered when you add a personal name for your guests.

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Family is where we begin and forever supporter. We may have a new life with someone, but we never forget our root. So, a family picture and a personal letter on our engagement day describing how much we adore our family.
Some people prefer to hold their engagement party at home, so do Valentine’s day. Besides for intimate reason, we don’t need to buy many things as decoration. Utilizing household appliances or secondhand, and making the DIY paper flower set up the best family bonding.
Don’t let your corner table empty. As a symbol of the day full of love, make an ombre valentine’s tree on your engagement day can be a choice. It just needs about four different colour of origami paper, so simple but artsy.
Another DIY decoration for your sweet engagement or valentine’s day. Just prepare secondhand thick cardboard and three different colour of yarn. After the party ends, you still can put it on your room.
Welcoming valentine’s day with the boyfriend will be more meaningful while making a paper decoration. You draw the sketch and let him cut while having an intimate chit-chat.
An artsy twigs shape usually used by some people to create a decoration. Especially for your celebration of love, collect some twigs, put it on a glass jar, decorate it with lamp and knickknack to make an effortless and unique accessory.
The door is also an important part to decorate because your guest will firstly come through it. Hang on simple decoration made from the root in front of your door then your guest will feel the ambience of love from the beginning.
Furnace corner in your house also can be part of your valentine’s day. No need to put on many decorations, just an old telephone, books and rose in the jar then it becomes a fancy corner.
Romantic dinner never fails the celebration of love. For a special day, set up your dining table close to the wall that has been fully decorated by sticking your couple photograph.
Many creations that can be made from origami paper. One of them is heart chandelier. Set the decoration on the edge of the window, when the wind blows it will look beautiful.

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Pop-up heart decoration also made from paper. Cut it in a different size, then stick it randomly on the wall serve you an elegant decoration.
If you have an idle frame, take a patterned paper then write down you and your boyfriend initial on it. You can add love symbol to emphasize that you are in love this day.
Pay attention to every single thing around your house. Even a pillow can cheer up your party. The simple decoration on your pillow represents how you care for every single thing.
If there is one thing people can’t say no to or get enough of in a party, it’s a snack. Decorate your snacks and biscuits in a pink or red colour, shape it as love make it perfect.
Every house has a mirror. If the mirror is in the party area, simply decorate it with an imitation red rose in a heart shape. No one can realize that is a mirror during the party.
Cards, old but meaningful. You can write a romantic poem or simply greet your boyfriend on your special day. Set a time to read each card, you will feel loved all night long.

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