8 Ways to Build a Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

Adding Murphy Bed to your bedroom is a great solution especially for a small space. A custom side-fold Murphy Bed for example, it can maximize your space and fit perfectly. But how to build it? Worry not, we’ve prepare you this easy to build by yourself Murphy Bed to help you!

1. Prepare, Determine, Measure and Cut

First thing first, prepare for the tools and materials. After that, determine the right location for your Murphy bed to be build. After all the things are done, you can start by measuring the location, so you can cut the materials precisely.

2. Drill and Assemble Session

Assemble the boxes with pocket screws and drill pocket screw holes 16″ on center on one side of each long edge of each piece and two pockets screw holes on one side of each short edge (four holes total). After that assemble the box sides onto the box bottom starting with the long pieces first. Once all sides are attached to the bottom fasten the corners of the short pieces (to the long pieces), ensuring the corner remains square and flush along the outside edge.

3. Edge Band Exposed End Cuts and Build Frame

Cut the banding flush at each end and then use a banding trimmer to remove any excess once the piece has cooled. Lightly sand each edge to knock the sharpness off. After that, you can continue to build frame. Be sure to Space them vertically so that equal space is present between the floor, the bed frames and the top frame.

4. Screw Frame and Finish It

Once the pivot point is established, pocket-screw the concealed outside edges of the frame sides and top together. And to finish the frame, drill the mattress frame at the pivot point.

5. Install Upper and Lower Mattress Frame and Trim Out Bottom Face

Install the outer frame into opening, align it so that it is flush with the existing wall covering less trim. make sure to secure it as it carries half of the total bed weight. Once it’s done, install upper and lover mattress frames.

6. Trim out Bottom Face

Trim out the bottom face on the outer frame trim that was already installed and fasten it with pocket screws from the back. Two vertical legs and two horizontal pieces will cover the gap between the mattresses and the outer frame. Cut four pieces of piano and fasten them to the bottom edge of the mattress frames behind the floating outer trim. Fasten the floating trim to the piano hinge.

7. Install Gate Latch

Install one gate latch at the mid-span point of the floating trim to the outer fixed trim on the wall only to hold the frame closed, not support the weight. Lastly, there will be one piece trim fixed to the outer frame (below the floating portion that forms the mattress leg). It may be necessary to back-cut the floating leg so that these two pieces do not contact on opening.

8. Finish Up

The final steps include installation of a ladder, a safety rail to the upper bunk and a spring counter-balance system. The spring set will install across the interior head of the outer frame. A ladder can be constructed out of a variety of fun and innovative materials to match the bunk bottoms. The interior side should have a rail installed across the entire length. The exterior side should have a rail starting at the ladder edge and both should be at least 5″ above the mattress. Source

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