24 Best Open Kitchen Design Ideas

Open kitchen is the design of kitchen that doesn’t given any divider with other room. Or, sometimes it is located with the outside spot connection. In this case, when you open the door of the kitchen, you can directly face the outdoor spot. Therefore, just like the common kitchen design, the open kitchen design also has its style decoration as follow.

Modern Style

Since we live in the modern era, then let’s talk about the modern open kitchen decoration. As we all know that modern style decoration uses the neutral colors to be applied into the interior. Anyway, it won’t only for the furniture but also the wall, ceiling, and floor. In hence, you should combine the colors well in case you want to apply more than one color for the decoration.

White and grey color scheme for modern kitchen design that added with red color touch.
Blue color can also applied for the modern style. By adding it with white color, you can really get the modern impression.
The furniture has white color that added with grey color as the combination. Then, the brown floor color here applied to give the calm impression.
White sleek kitchen with glass countertop surface for a really modern appearance.
White and brown kitchen theme to create the modern look. In hence the addition of the pendant light add the modern impression.
Grey kitchen island and countertop with sleek look that combined with white color to give the modern touch.
The dark grey countertop combined with white floor which is really match especially with the glass roof.
White and beige kitchen theme for the calm impression in modern kitchen style.
White will be the best color scheme kitchen since it can create the clean impression.
Dark grey kitchen theme that added with unique pattern tile backsplash to get the modern impression.
Black furniture for this modern kitchen with the addition of brown touch into the kitchen island surface.
Black and grey color that applied into the kitchen look really harmonious with the grey pendant lights.
All white color kitchen theme applied into this modern style with the round white pendant light.
Although this kitchen has the orange and red colors but it still has the modern impression because of the furniture style and the addition of white color that dominate the kitchen.

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Classic Style

In fact, although we live in the modern era, there are also people who still love the classic one. In this case, the classic style has an ability to bring such a nostalgic feeling. Moreover, the warm atmosphere also becomes the attraction of this style. As an addition the luxurious impression can also be brought by the classic style sometimes.

Classic touch applied into the wooden table accent and the old style of the pendant light.
The kitchen island has the classic style in wooden material and the marble surface.
Look at the cooker hood that has the classic look that combined with classic style furniture in white color.
Blue pastel color that combined with other wooden color that look really chic and classic.
Not only for the material and the color, the style of each furniture here really represent the classic look.
This one is the classic kitchen style in sleek look with the gold color pendant light for the lux.
The grey cooker hood combined with black cabinets under the countertop can really create a matching classic look.

image source

All brown wooden kitchen design here beside really effective to create the warm nature impression also get the classic look at once.
The white cabinets look really preety and classic with brown kitchen island that has the warm impression as well.
White, beige, and brown here can be a really awesome combination for the classic kitchen impression.

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At last, whether the modern and classic style, both are adorable. In this case, it will only about the personal taste that each person have. In hence, since the open kitchen will give the wider room impression, it is worthy to have. Especially when you have the narrow home size, then this kitchen type is really recommended.

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