DIY Ideas : 30 Decorative Candles for Valentine’s Day

Since valentine is such a special moment that really worthy to celebrate, then just prepare it well. In this case, talking about the valentine celebration, it won’t only about the gift but also the decoration. It is because the proper decoration can really bring the great atmosphere. In hence, related to valentine celebration, it won’t be far from the candles.

It will be really possible for you to make the DIY candles. Since there will be so many different kinds of candles available, then choose the matching one. Here, what is meant with matching is the room or spot that you’ll provide with the candles. Therefore, make sure that you know exactly on which spots that you are going to use to celebrate the valentine. It could be the dining room, living room, or bedroom.

Several different candle pots that made of glass material from the round, square, and high candle holder.
Small white vase with red love sign with glitter.
High rectangular glass with flower inside then added with the wick for the candle.
Red orchid added into the high glass to create the candle.
Red rose decorative candle added with beads.
Orange and white candles add with flower pads that put into the rectangular plate.
White flowers put into the big round glass that added with candles.
White candles put into white glass that decorated with red love sign.
Red rose and berries used as the decoration for this decorative candle.
Decorative candle with pink rose petals put into high glass that has the holder.
White and red candles decorated with red love signs that stick into the candle.
Glass with holder in gold color to put the candle for the glamorous impression.
Big candles inside the rectangular glasses put along the stairs.

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High glasses in different sizes that added with water beads before the candles.
Purple candle put into the glass globe that added with some colorful rocks.
The glass be reversed then the surface of the glass used to put the candles.
Dried twigs put into glasses in different size as the candles decoration.
For the glamorous decorative candle, put the pearls into the glass globe before the candle.
Decorate the glass for your decorative candles by using the jute and pearls that tied into the yarn.
Put the gravel and white flowers into the big glass then put three candles at once.
Glamorous glasses in different sizes to be used as the candle holders.

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Classic and unique glasses in different colors for the decorative candle.
Silver cauldron that simply added with candles for the simple yet pretty decorative candle.
Candle with scene where the pot added with flower painting.
Glasses with transparent space as the light way to shine.
Some different size clay pot for the stair decorative candles.
Zinc glass that cut in love sign pattern for the way the candle’s light exposed.

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A bunch of purple candles tied with purple ribbon that put into the high glass.
The glass decorated with tassel and red pattern ornament for the red candle inside.
White candle tied with pink love sign around.
Wooden pot that has the love sign hole for the candle to be exposed.

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The DIY candles that we’ve served above made of several different materials. Those are the materials that won’t be difficult to find. Even more, you can find it in your home like the glass, vase, pot, and more. Therefore, in making this DIY candles you can really adjust it with your material capability. However, even though the materials are easy, you can still create the candles in lux look as you’ve seen above.

At last, for the instalment you can put it as your dining table centrepiece. Commonly, this one will be the most applied since you’ll have diner with your mate at valentine night. Next, the most used spot for valentine will be the living room since it will be the room where you spend the chilling moment. Then, the last common spot will be the bedroom. Happy decorating you all!

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