21 Inspiring Pink Decoration Ideas for Valentine Celebration

Celebrating the Valentine is quite needed to strengthen your relationship with your mate. In this case, it won’t only about the gift but also on how you bring the atmosphere in your home. It is important because sometimes, without a gift, you can really celebrate the moment by only providing the good ambience. Here are the things that you can do to create the Valentine atmosphere into your home.

Living Room

Related with the living room, since this room won’t be far from the sofa then you can focus on it first. Here, it will be great if you can provide the pink sofa. However, if you think that it will need too much budget, then you can apply the pink stuff into other part. In this case, the easiest thing is the pink throw blanket and the cushion. Moreover, for more romantic thing, put pink flowers or snacks.

Pink sofa and pink cushions used as the valentine touch. Then, the pink love hanging ornament can really give the Valentine touch as well.
Pink cushions and pink fur round chair seem enough to give the Valentine touch.
The soft pink color applied into the round cushion, blanket, rug, and even the lighting which are awesome.
The pink sofa looks harmonious with the pink hanging ornament above the fireplace. Then, the red rose will make this decoration perfect for the Valentine theme.
Two round chair with pink fur pad are really pretty and seem enough to create the Valentine decoration.
Pink roses will never fail you to get the romantic atmosphere. Then, you can put pink snacks into the transparent jar to make it exposed well.
Pink roses combined with pink cushions and pink hanging ornament.

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Dining Table

In this case, dining table will be the thing that might be important for valentine celebration. Since having diner is like something a must for this celebration, then make sure that you provide the proper decoration. Here, you can do it by providing the pink flowers, napkin, candles, or ribbon. Check these pink dining table decorations out!

Pink tulip to be the centrepiece of the dining table paired with ‘love’ sign as the cupcake pad on the plate.
Pink roses as the table decoration added with the pink boxes on each plate provided.
The roses that put into the transparent bottles in different sizes can really effective to create the prettiness for your dining table.
It is such a harmonious pink dining table decoration with pink candles, flower, tablecloth, and chandelier.
Pink candles applied into the dining table seem to be pretty combined with the pink flower.
The table cloth has a really gorgeous decoration with ‘love’ signs existed.
Soft pink tablecloth looks really calm yet romantic as you can apply it for the Valentine dining table decoration.

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Additional Craft Ornament

The last thing that you can do to bring valentine atmosphere into your home is by adding several ornament here and there. In hence, for on a budget ornament, you can simply do some DIY of it. For example, the wreath, garland, ‘love’ message sign, and more. Here are some examples to give you inspiration.

‘Love’ form hanging ornament that hung on the dried twig.
Pink round wreath with ‘love’ form decoration that you can apply into the door or widow.
Small ‘love’ tree that made of dried twig in white color.
Pink pom pom that made into the hanging window ornament.
‘Love’ word ornament that made of wool yarn and added with ‘love’ garland.
‘Love’ form wreath that made of felt fabric material that folded into the unique form.
‘Love’ pink tree in dried twig that created as if it is a bucket of flower.

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In the end, for any ornament application, you can choose the spots based on your needs and room condition. In this case, don’t force your self to put too much ornament if you have the narrow space. It is because your room will have the crowded impression which is not good. Go get your own decoration now. Happy valentine, dear!

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