22 Stunning Fireplace Design Ideas for Winter 2019

Winter may come and go, but we must have a preparation to pass it. Though, winter is cold as we can make the nuance of our home be warmer by having a fireplace. Also, we can put one for our main room like living room or bedroom so that we can spend the time together with all family members in a warm and intimate feel. Thus, to give you some inspiring fireplace, we provide some examples below.

Modern Fireplace

Talking about fireplace, we cannot ignore its design. Because it is usually placed in a main room, the design must be the focus. Moreover, a contemporary fireplace which tends to be modern and minimalist offers you a simple look. Without being to much, the following modern fireplace designs will make you amazed. Some inset fireplace go perfectly with a minimalist house concept.

Modern rectangle fireplace in the living room gives you a warm impression
Glass fireplace design looks amazing in this sleek and cozy living room
A minimalist living room with a modern fire place for a festive winter
Stunning fireplace with glassy box which is fabulous for your minimalist living room
A longeate fireplace in a minimalist room looks stunning with white wall
Modern square fireplace for a minimalist living room
A modern yet minimalist fire olace in a cool living room
Minimalist fireplace for modern minimalist living room that offers warmth for anyone
Awesome modern fireplace looks stunning. It is nice to pair with a sofa and a faux fur rug
Wall fireplace that is used to separate room. The black design makes it luxurious

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Traditional Fireplace

On the other hands, traditional fireplaces still become the choice for some of us. Especially, those whose design is rustic give warm and classic look for the room. In addition, it is no matter yo combine a traditional fireplace with your modern house to make an artistic classic touch. For example, you can build a huge fireplace from stones in your farmhouse living room to warm your winter while get together with your family.

Huge fireplace that looks traditional in a farmhouse living room
a farmhouse family room with a traditional fire place
A bricky traditional fire place makes tge room feels warm and cozy in winter
Bricky traditional fireplace looks amazing for this winter
A traditional fireplace with wooden door in an industrial living room
Dining room with a traditional fireplace makes the room feels inviting
A traditional fire place in a cozy kitchen sounds a good idea in winter
Traditional fireplace that full of stone pile makes it interesting with a rustic look
Traditional fireplace in the corner of living room that is useful and makes it comfortable
A modern and cozy room with a grey traditional fire place. The lanterns make the room more welcoming
A traditional fire place made of bricks completed with a cozy sofa with cushion
A traditional fire place in a minimalist kitchen that completes the ambiance in a cool winter

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Furthermore, having a fireplace for other rooms at home instead of living room is possible. For instance, you can have a fireplace to warm your kitchen to warm the ambinace while serve some hot food in a cold winter. Besides, you can also light up your fireplace while reading in your library. In conclusion, both modern and traditional fireplace will give a warmer ambiance for your house. So, which design do you prefer?

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