30 Cool Snowflake Craft Ideas for Kids

Providing the proper winter home decoration is such a worthy. It is because there will be Christmas celebration during winter. Anyway, since you might need lot of budget for the celebration, then you can create your own craft for the decoration need. Here, you’ll be able to save your money as you just need to prepare the materials based on your capability. Moreover, it is also interesting because you have the craft design that you really want.

In having your DIY craft project, it is better for you to have it in simple designs. With the simple one, you can do it with your kids so that you can have a good quality time together. In hence, it will be such a satisfying things for your kids since they can have their home decoration with their own attainments. Here are some easy and cheap snowflake crafts that you can have with your kids.

Hanging snowflake craft by utilizing the small wood beam for the nature element.
Mason jar craft with snowflake painting that could be used for any purpose.
Front door hanging ornament in big white snowflake form.
White plastic plate decorate with colorful wool yarn that form the snowflake.
Glass or small bowl pad in snowflake form that made of felt material.
Blue pipe cleaner that formed into snowflake form and added with white sugar sprinkled into the pipe to give the snow illusion.
Colorful hanging snowflake ornament to draw the kids attention.
Blue snowflake paper to decorate the DIY candle.
This snowflake craft made of wool yarn linked into the nails that form the snowflake.
This wooden snowflake craft looks really festive in white color with bright yellow dots.

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Colorful paper snowflake craft that look awesome with some different shape variation.
Use the color paper and cotton bud to form the snowflake, then you can hang it by using the pipe cleaner.
Puzzle snowflake with glitter that hung by using brown ribbon.
Popsicle stick that colored and shaped into the snowflake to be utilized as the hanging ornament.
Paint the bottom part of the plastic bottles and link with the wire as the hanger.
Sone colorful pipe cleaner snowflake hanging ornament to be applied in any spot of your house.
Fake pearl snowflake craft that arranged into the wire in snowflake shape.
Utilize your kids lego to form the snowflake that will be really improve your kids creativity.
Wood clamp that will be really awesome rustic snowflake ornament style.
Wood slices thaf painted with snowflake pattern and linked with red ribbon.
Glue the white buttons into the popsicle stick that formed in snowflake design.

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The more creative utilization of the popsicle sticks that form the snowflake in several different variations.
Use the felt and color paper to be the base material, then sew the wool yarn to shape the snowflake pattern.
Felt material that formed in snowflake design then linked with green rubber.
Use the glue gun to make the form of the snowflake, then use the pallet to be the base of the snowflake.
Utilize the patterned paper straw to form the snowflake, then add with pom pom for more festive look
Hang the paper snowflake into the dried twig to decorate your hall way or living room.
Use the felt material that layered with any motif that you want. Then add the snowflake shape into the top of the flower.
Give the color of your macaroni the glue it into the patterned paper to form the snowflake.

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From the craft designs that we have served, you’ll find that there are so many different kinds of snowflake crafts that you can have. It covers from the hanging ornament, wall ornament, or even something that can be functioned like the glass pad. In addition, if you have the Christmas tree, you can also use the craft for your Christmas tree.

Basically, you can have any of those snowflakes designs, but there are also things that you should consider. The first one will be the capability of your kids. Here, you should make sure that your kids won’t get any difficulties in doing the project. In hence, don’t forget to adjust the budget for the materials needed so that you could really save the budget for the Christmas celebration needs.

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