21 Fancy Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas that Inspiring You

Not only for the living room, you also need to provide such a proper decoration for you kitchen. It is because kitchen is the heart of your home where the good food will be made. In case you do not redecorate you kitchen for a long time, then it’s time for you to give concern for your kitchen. Here we have some different kitchen style that you can adapt the design for your kitchen.

Farmhouse Style

If you have farmhouse style for your home decoration, then to provide the same kitchen style will be so much worthy. As we’ve known that farmhouse use the nature elements for the decoration needs. Here, from all of the materials, the wood becomes the most used material. In hence, you can utilize the wood from furniture, ceiling, and even the floor. Check the following pictures out.

The farmhouse style created with the wood beam as the ceiling, the wood cabinet under the kitchen island, and the other wood material things exist.
The different color of the wood used for the kitchen island give the unique impression. Even more, the the the wood applied for the table is really antimainstream.
Here, the kitchen use the wood and rattan materials to bring out the farmhouse impression. Then, the clay pots exist in the kitchen is also worthy for the farmhouse style.
Here is the example on how floor applied with wooden material to give the farmhouse touch. Then, there are also rattan basket and wooden rack provided in the kitchen.
Look at how unique the rattan basket hang to create the farmhouse look. Moreover, the floor also let you to get the farmhoise impression as it installed with wood material.
From the upper part and bottom part of this kitchen are using the wood material. But here, it given with the different colors to create contrast for the prettier look.
The ceiling is the focal point here that used to create the farmhouse look. Moreover, the windows im wooden frame also useful to give the farmhouse touch.

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Modern Style

Modern style commonly has the sleek impression with clean and sleek materials. Moreover, the colors used also in certain choices. Here, you should apply the neutral colors such as black, white, grey, beige, and other neutral colors that you like. Anyway, to add the beauty of your decoration and not to make it looks boring, you can combine the neutral with some other bright colors.

Grey theme kitchen with grey cabinet for both the hanging cabinet and the standing cabinet. Then, the marbel tile in grey pattern color strengthen the grey color theme impression.
Black and white are the colors that try to be applied into this kitchen. Here, the red color used to give another color accent into the kitchen.
The ivory color seems to be pretty too for your modern kitchen design. Here, you can try to apply the beige color as the combination shade.
This all white kitchen theme looks really clean and sleek which is proper for you who love simplicity.
The grey color kitchen with green as the hint color looks really fresh and calm. You can add it with dark brown chairs color for more lively atmosphere.
While the furniture and the wall are applied with black and white color, the floor is installed with brown wooden tile in unique motif.
The simplicity is really highlighted in this kitchen design. Not only for the color, but also the furniture in simple design.

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Industrial Style

For the kitchen industrial style, you can combine between the old decoration style and the modern one. But, you need to concern on the material where you should choose those with industrial impression like the iron or copper. Then, it will be so much better if you can find the materials with the old looks.

The kitchen island and chair with old iron stands are really effective to bring out the industrial style. Then, the hanging rack above strengthen the impression.
The pipe used above the stove is the focal point for this industrial kitchen. Added with another black iron material for the ceiling will make this kitchen more than awesome.
This kitchen has a big black chimney that gives the character of the industrial style.
The yellow old table stand can also become the choice for your industrial style furniture. Then, you can add it with iron pendant lamp above the kitchen island.
The black iron table stand is the way this kitchen gives the industrial touch. Then, the room divider in back iro material will strengthen the industrial impression.
The zinc kitchen hood looks really stand out for the industrial touch. You can apply more old iron material for the furniture to really get the industrial atmosphere.
Almost all part of this kitchen using the industrial touch. Look at the kitchen hood, chairs, cabinet, and even the hanging rack where all are in industrial touch.

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Basically those kitchen decoration that we’ve served have all aspects of the decoration needs. It covers from the furniture, flooring, and even the ceiling and ornament. In applying the decoration into your kitchen, you can choose the parts that you mostly need. Don’t forget to adjust everything based on your budget and kitchen condition so that everything could be harmonious.

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