21 Amazing Front Yard Landscaping and Garden Design Ideas for 2019

If you have the chance to have the yard space for your outdoor greenery, then make sure that you utilize it well. Here, you can create such an adorable landscape. It is because the greenery won’t only functioned as the outdoor decoration needs. In this case, you will need the greenery to get the fresh air that the plants could give to you. To give you advice in doing the landscaping project, here are some things for you to consider.

Plants Arrangement

Since plants will be the main point of your garden landscaping, then it should be considered first. There are some plant types that you can have with its arrangement. Here, you should choose the plants that could match with your garden. It will be so much better if you can have the plants that could survive in any weather and season. Then, for the arrangement, you can do it based on the garden concept that you want to have.

If you love simplicity, you can manage your garden to have this clean design with the maintained grass and some fence greenery.
Several different flowers grow in front of the house at the right and left side of the walk path.
Yellow and red flowers seem to be really match in this garden design. Especially with the water fountain that gives more fresh atmosphere.
Colorful flowers arranged to grow between the stones and grass.
For your front yard, you can add the hanging plant beside for the plants that grow directly into the soil. Here, the colorful hanging flowers look harmonious with the flower on below.
If you want to expose the soil in your garden, it could be the best choice. Grow the flowers into the certain part of the yard without adding the grass.
This yard design doesn’t use too much flower for to give the color, it uses the plants that have several different leaves color.

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Garden Walk Path

After the plant, the other thing that you should have is the walk path. It is really important so that you can walk through your garden without destroying the plants. Moreover, if you can provide such a unique and pretty walk path, then it will be the other values. It is because the good walk path can really beautify your garden.

Rectangular path that arranged zig zag to create the unique design.
By using several different gravel colors, it arranged to create such an adorable pattern for the path.
The circle slices arranged vertically to create the path. Then, it added with the shards of the stones for more aesthetic look.
The small stones colored in blue then arrange into the cement that configurate the path.
The square form for the path added with white gravel in between to give another accent.
Red bricks without given any touches arranged to form the path in a unique look.
The square stone arranged in turn with the grass that will create a really fresh and unique look.

image source

Water Fountain

You might think that water fountain won’t be functioned well since it only give the beauty without any function. However, it could be really useful to create such a real nature atmosphere into your garden. Especially when the sound of the water falling from the water fountain can be heard well. Here are some water fountain ideas that you can choose for your garden.

It made of old water can that arranged into two stages to create the fountain.
Find some different color gravels then arranged it into the pot that will give a fresh look of the fountain.
Wooden mushroom craft looks really awesome to be ised as the water fountain as it wilk give a nature atmosphere.
This green jar utilized as the water fountain looks really harmonious with the surround greenery.
By using two different size of the pots, you can make the stages for your water fountain.
Use the bambboo to be the fountain above the stone pot so that you’ll get the warm and peaceful impression from the nature elements you apply.
The arrangement of the stone here looks really awesome for your water fountain. You can even get the impression as if it is a small pool.

image source

From those three basic things for your garden landscaping ideas, you can choose each of those that has the same theme or style. It is because you need to create the harmonious look for your garden decoration. Anyway, you can also choose the design based on your budgeting so that you can make everything in a good balance.

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