29 Adorable Snowman Crafts for Christmas

Celebrating Christmas cannot be separated from choosing the right ornaments to beautify your house. A Christmas tree is one of the must-have list. Then, there are some iconic ornaments like wreath, garlands, santa, snowman, and many more. But, one of the interesting ornaments to discuss is snowman. Have you ever thought to make snowman ornaments by yourself?

In fact, some people think that Christmas without snowman ornaments is not complete yet. Because Christmas comes in winter, snowman becomes the winter iconic ornament that represents this cold season. Thus, in the following gallery, we provide some examples of snowman that are easy to make from any material surround you. Here they are.

Mason jar luminary that is crafted like a snowman is simply adorable, try this one for decorate your christmas.
Plastic pumpkin snowman made with tree branch as the hands really makes your decoration more interesting
Snowman made of repaint old tires that simple and easy for you to try
Old snowman shovel that is unique decorated with green garlands and ribbon
Garage door is a white media to paint a snowman. It is very creative
a snowman made of white glass bottle decorated with red scarf from ribbon and a unique hat
a white fridge is an extraordinary media for Christmas snowman
small snowmen inside a white wreath hung on the blackboard decorated with green garland and string lights
Grapevine snowman wreath which is creative and simply stunning
painted snowman on a canvas is one of creative and imaginative art that is easy
Light up snowman from dollar store fish bowl and socks are adorable
White lamp that crafted like snowman and pom poms wreath which creative and awesome
Plastic cup snowman with orange shawl and black cap is one of the most creative ones
Wood block snowman ornaments with red ribbon on the top
Wooden carving snowmen which fabulous and cute
Unique snowmen made of milk jugs, decorated with string lights
Wine bottle caps arranged into the head of snowman with a blue skulcap
Creative snowmen made of painted wood with red scarf and some baubles on the floor
Paper lantern snowman which is adorable and creative
Bottle cap snowman that is simple and easy to tty
Lighted glass snowman will bring you a unique and stunning ornament
Christmas stocking holder that is crafted like snowman
Snowman table setting that make fun for your dining room
Painted snowman on a wooden door completed with scarf, hat, and snowflakes ornaments
Creative wooden slice snowman is adorable to decorate your home.
DIY snowman made of wine glasses that look adorable and easy for you to try
Adorable tin can snowman made of three tin cans with different size and green buttons
Recycled shopping plastic bags snowman wall art which is adorable and creative
Olaf character made by knitting process that looks adorable

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Generally, making your own snowman ornaments from recycled elements is easy. Likewise, you just need your creativity and time to make it amazing and inspiring. Even though, you need more time than buy ones at stores, you will be satisfied on your own creativity. Let’s take some examples. If you have some old mason jars, you may conjure them up by repaint them with white paint. Put three black buttons on them, then make it a sniwman like with an orange nose, red scarf, and pom poms.

Another sniwman crafts that is easy comes from your old tires. Paint them in white paint then arrange them vertically for three to four tires. Then, have one tire up on the top as the head of the snowman. Decorate it with scarf and black hat. It is ready to place in the front porch to welcome your guests. Furthermore, if you get difficulties on finding recycled items, you can use your white fridge. Put some stickers to make a snowman like. And this is your simple yet amazing snowman idea you have for Christmas vibe.

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