25 Awesome DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas with Fairy Doll

Christmas atmosphere will be increasingly created and one of the secrets is decorating the room with Christmas trinkets. The Christmas decorations can be Santa dolls, Christmas ornaments or hangers, beautiful candles, ribbons and Christmas socks. A variety of colorful Christmas decorations will make your home lively. Therefore the selection of cute and unique dolls is very suitable to decorate a Christmas tree and also to decorate the walls and doors of a house.

The real Santa Claus doesn’t come to your house, so you present the Santa Claus doll as a Christmas ornament. Not only that, and you also have to bring other dolls like the snowman and the red-nosed reindeer, fairy doll, fairy seashell, and other dolls so that the Christmas atmosphere becomes more cheerful and comfortable. As we already know, the Santa doll is a symbol of a very generous nature. So with Santa or other dolls, we hope to get a blessing at Christmas.

The fairy doll ornaments are so lovely, you can hang all year round, not only can be put on a Christmas tree, but this decoration can also be used to decorate your window.
A majestic figure, this angel statue figurine can be used as both as decorating topper Christmas tree or top gift.
Seashell fairy ornament that enjoying the naps while hanging on the tree. This unique ornament, made from seashell would be perfect for coastal Christmas decorations.
A countryside fairy, she is looking so easy going and easy to hang around. You can hang it on the door or wall.
Wooden angel ornament, why is the little angel looking so surprised? But we must say that the expression is making it look even cuter.
Stack the angels like the Christmas tree, Instead of arranging for a full-fledged Christmas tree. We loved the idea of using feathers for the angel wings.
Couple angels doll ornament, people with basic sewing skills can also make these. Ask your children to create those dolls. Just provide them with all the fabric and templates.
The tiny Christmas tree, the little candy canes or the adorable fairy holding a bunting. Apart from decorating, you can also use it for gifting purposes.
The round fairies, these cute fairies would look great placed anywhere. You can deck your Christmas tree with it or place them on gift boxes, as seen in the picture.
Fairy doll tree topper that looks charming with a pink dress and curly hair would make your tree stand out.
An angel holding a baby, this angel ornament is for people who’ve lost their newborns. It’s a way to remind them that their baby has flown straight to God.
Hand-painted light bulb Christmas angel, what we loved the most is the idea of using doll hair instead of regular, slick wig for the angel.

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Grandmother fairy doll holds a candy cane, she’s using a red and white skirt also red ribbon to tie his white hair.
Princess white looks beautiful holds a magic stick and she wears a white crown look so precious.
Fairy lady doll dress up with red jacket and black cloth, the hair tied with red ribbon. The smile make your decoration more smiler.
The doll dress up like a countrywoman, using veil baby blue polka-dot white and holding a rattan basket and also using green long skirt.
Cute fairy doll dressing like a christmas celebration holding a candy cane make your decoration awesome.
Fairy lady doll with a pink dress up, using shirt button attribute and she is holding a little cake. look cute, right?
A man wearing skating clothes with a back jacket and red headgear, he is ready to glade on the Christmas tree.
Mother fairy doll looks amazing by using white gown and holding a choir book that you should try to decorate your Christmas tree.
Fairy doll holding a present, she’s dressed up by using a red skirt and checkered ribbon on her hair
Couple dolls are holding hands each other and on the other hand holding a candy cane, they are dressing up for Christmas celebration.
The doll is holding a bucket and dressing up like a countrywoman using a red veil also a long skirt.
Red robed fairy doll that excitedly carrying a basket covered in blue cloth.
Fairy doll dressing up with luxurious white gown and she’s holding a white stick that ready to magicial your Christmas tree decoration.

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Christmas-themed dolls placed at the front door can make everyone impressed. The doll can serve to welcome your guests, and because it has a unique shape that will definitely make the front of your house beautiful. You can even add some decorations to the doll or write a welcome message and a Christmas wish. And certainly will add to the uniqueness of the Christmas celebration this year.

Decorate your home with various objects that have a Christmas spirit is already an obligation. These objects have a variety of shapes. That’s why you must be smart in decorating the room with these objects in your house. If you choose a doll as a Christmas decoration, you can put it on a Christmas tree, window or front door of your house. Take advantage of these dolls to create joy for your children in welcoming Christmas.

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