23 Kinds of Simple Christmas Tree Decorations

In December, we often encounter ornaments and Christmas decorations everywhere. Similarly, the Christmas tree. Christmas will not feel complete if there is no Christmas tree. Hence, the Christmas tree has become an icon of the celebration of Christmas itself. Therefore many of us find Christmas trees both at homes, in shops or even alongside a road. People happily decorate the Christmas tree with various other decorations so that the Christmas tree looks more attractive.

Christmas tree or the real pine tree has been used by many people as a must have decoration at Christmas. However, nowadays Christmas trees do not have to be made of pine trees. ASIA people usually use artificial christmas trees made of plastic and wood, unlike the European tradition of using real trees. It is widely available in various sizes, materials, and quality that you can choose. In fact you can also create your own anti-mainstream Christmas tree with engineered twigs, books, ribbons or other unique materials.

A Christmas tree decorations that are dominated by red with leopard motif fabric can be a reference in decorating your room.
Christmas tree decorations with full of burlap cloth that can be a simple example for your room.
This glorious christmas tree decoration with burlap decoration that make looks natural and more alive.
A glamorous Christmas tree decorations with a dominance of a luxurious gold color can make your room seem elegant.
You can try a simple Christmas tree decoration with burlap and a star decoration at the top of the tree.
Incredible Burlap Style Christmas Decorations
Joy, love, peace, noel for Christmas tree decoration and complete them with touch of burlap to look attractive.

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A red and white Christmas tree decorations with some Christmas ornaments and a little touch of burlap.
Gold Christmas tree decorations with proper decorative lighting and burlap decoration.
A Christmas tree decoration with burlap around the tree and light decoration

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Christmas tree with red garland will be the best choice for your decoration room.
A Christmas tree decoration with burlap touch and some Christmas ornaments
This funky christmas tree decoration that you can try to make your room look trendy with additional burlap and Christmas ornaments
Christmas tree decorations are full of gold vibe that you can try. With gold ribbon and burlap it can create a luxury impression.
Christmas tree decorations with full Christmas ornaments and burlap touch can upgrade your home decor

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A simple Christmas tree decoration with burlap and string lamps for Christmas light decoration
A very beautiful combination of blue and green at Christmas tree can make the atmosphere of the room comfortable.
Snow white christmas tree can make your room more beauty and elegance.
This christmas tree with full of light up decoration can make your home more brighter.
Best choice decoration for Christmas tree to make your home looks great are installing some Christmas ornaments and burlap.
Simple Christmas tree decoration with burlap and proper lighting that can make your home more alive.
Christmas tree that domination of red color can make your home more cheerful.
Glamour Christmas tree decoration with gold ribbon, red Christmas balls and string lamps that you can copy to decorate your home.

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Christmas tree is identic with green color will look more stunning if you add red, gold, white or silver ornaments. These colors will make our Christmas tree look even more attractive. Coupled with tumblr lamps as additional ornaments. So, your Christmas tree will look very beautiful. If you have additional accessories such as ribbons and wadding, you might be able to add them.

In addition to a Christmas tree made of pine trees, there is also a Christmas tree made of lumps of burlap that have been cut lengthwise. Christmas trees like this look unique and anti-mainstream let alone coupled with other ornaments such as colorful Christmas balls and tumblr lights with warm colors. As well as tumblr lamp, the use of ornaments such as stars or twigs is also very important. Moreover, this ornament used at the top of the Christmas tree.

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