30 Super Fun Christmas Party Decor Ideas

When the Christmas comes, it won’t be perfect if you do not held any party to celebrate the moment. So that here, you should prepare your Christmas party well. The things that related with the party won’t be only about the routine but also as the way you feel grateful. Moreover, when you held the party in Christmas, you must invite your family and close friends. In this case, you can use the moment to keep you relationship with them closer.

Since the event is Christmas, then the color theme that mostly used is red. However, you can still have other color theme like white, green, or silver. All of those colros can represent Christmas as well as the red color. However, you can also combine those colors in case you feel that to use one color will be boring. You don’t need to be in doubt to combine those colors together since those will blend well.

Red can be the best choice for your Christmas party decoration. Here, you can apply it into your tableware, napkin, and even your chair cover.
Look at how fun the candle looks like with the candy cane decoration. With the other red and pretty table decoration, this table setting looks really fun.
This white flower decoration that put inside the transparent vase looks really simple yet pretty. For the Christmas touch, you can put pine cone under the flower. Then, the snow decoration seems perfect to be added.
Your red candles fit really well with the red roses. Then, the napkin will also useful to strengthen the red touch for your Christmas party decoration.
The bright Christmas tree here looks glorious with the gold pine cone and nick nack. If you love the luxurious thing, then this one will be the best choice for you.
The red balls in the Christmas tree mix really well when placed near the dining table. Especially when the tableware set to have the red color scheme too.
The gold and red balls here used to be the main decoration idea. Beside by hanging it into the twig, you can also put it inside the glass.

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Your spoon and fork will be prettier if inserted into this Santa style socks. Moreover, it will be really have the Christmas touch.
This time, the decoration is really cute and pretty. With some color combination applied, you can have a really festive party impression.
This decoration can be applied for your table serving. Here, you can use red, white, and green colors that will represent the Christmas celebration.
You can use this fun mask to cheering your Christmas party. Here, the theme of the mask really represent the Christmas celebration with some icons used.
Moreover,the Christmas gift can also become something that you should consider. If you want the simple one, then just simply wrap it with the Christmas impression paper wrap. For the festive look, you can choose it in shining appearance.
This decoration might look simple but it is pretty at the same time. With the red touches for the tiny red fruits and white snow decoration, this one is absolutely gorgeous.
Food will be the other thing that you should give the decoration too. Look at how amazing this pudding decoration that looks like the wreath.

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The serving table that located between the two Christmas trees looks really glorious. Even when the table doesn’t have the festive decoration, but it is glorious because of the trees.
The evergreen leaves and pine cone are two things that become the focal point here. You can apply it with plaid black and red plate pattern.
If it is possible for you to provide the plate and glass with snow pattern just like what we have above then it will be great. You just need to add the decoration with some small stuffs to strengthen the Christmas spirit.
Your evergreen will be festive with the red ribbon ornament additional.
Your cookies for the party serve will be really cute and fun with this simple decoration. Use the color of red and green so that you’ll get the Christmas impression directly.
If you love the glorious things, then applying this decoration will be the right choice. With the lighting and gold decoration stuff, you’ll obviously get the lux impression.
The white lace in this candle decoration add the pretty touch. Then, the red balls and ribbon bring out the Christmas impression well.
Even though only in simple decoration, this food design is really pretty and proper for your Christmas party serving. Apply this if you don’t have much time to do the decoration.
You won’t get wrong if using Santa, snowman, and reindeer for your Christmas decoration. Apply it for your tableware decoration and get the cuteness.
Your decorative candles will look fresh and sweet when placed and arranged in the centre of the berries. Add it with pine leaves so that you can get the Christmas touch.
In case you love the chic style, then this decoration will be really fit you. Use the pink color to combined with red and white colors.
With the Santa doll as the decoration ornament, you can easily get the Christmas impression into it.
In case you have the important guests for your Christmas party, then this decoration might be the best one. Look at how neat the decoration arranged.
Look at how cute the food decoration here. If you have kids, then this serving will be really fit well.
The candy cane here is made into the Christmas tree which is really cute and sweet. Add it with ribbon and candy onto the top of the candy cane Christmas tree.
The lighting as the additional decoration here set into the glass. Then, to give it the Christmas touch, you can add it with gold and red balls.

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For your consideration, you can classify the decoration into some parts. The first one will be the furniture. Here, you need to decorate the table setting to put the snacks, meal, and beverage. The other one will be the chairs which will be used to comfort your guests while enjoying your serving. Then, to brighten up the party decoration don’t forget to install the pretty and proper lighting in Christmas theme colors.

In hence, the amazing thing here is that you can decorate your food to make it has the Christmas spirit. It could be pudding, cake, candy, and even the fruits. To make it has the Christmas touch, you can design your cake to shape the Santa, snowman, or any Christmas thing. Then for the beverage, you can decorate it with ribbons.

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