30 Best Indoor Winter Planter Decoration Ideas

Since winter won’t let you to have outdoor plants, then to have it indoor will be the best choice. It is because in winter the snow will cover the plants as it can’t grow at all. Then here, the thing that you should do is preparing the proper indoor planter. It won’t be only about the planter with its real function but also the additional value. What we are going to say here is that your proper indoor planter can be your additional decoration.

Related to that, you should prepare your planter by considering to some aspects. The first one will be your home style. It is important because when you can provide the harmonious planter style with your home then it will be awesome. Here, commonly you are not only have to choose the look of the planter but also the material. It is known that certain materials can bring out style impression effectively.

Some different variations for winter planter here are really awesome. Here, you can see on how the different plants need different planter.
In case you want to arrange your planter neatly, you can use this removable rack. In hence, adding the lighting above the plant can expose your greenery well.
This small planter is like the succulent planter. However, you can still use it to grow other small plants.
To have your own herbs garden is such an amazing thing. Here, you can have it indoor by using long white horizontal rack.
This gold removable rack seems really proper for your classic home style. Moreover, to make it looks even more gorgeous, you can put some different unique planters into the rack.
This planter has two stages. In this case, you can utilise it to grow the succulent.
This indoor herbs planter looks really awesome with the unused mason jar as the planter. Again, it also really functional related to the use of the plants.
Look at how unique the pipe when functioned as the planter. Here, the pipe painted into gold color which is really glorious.
This transparent globe glass is the flexible planter. It is because it can be placed whether by hanging it or by simply put it on the table.
Your lily will be perfect if you grow it into this high glass. To make sure that it gets enough sun light, then place it near the window.
The planters here have the same form but it has the different colors. It can be really useful so that you won’t have boring look for the planter.
The planters here look really awesome with the variation applied. Even more, the plants also in varied as it has different characteristic.
The clay pots here used to provide the farmhouse impression. Here, you can see it from the other ornament applied here that has the farmhouse touch.
This one is a really simple planter. Anyway, it is really pretty since it has some different pretty plants.

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The application of the planters here are really in varied. It covers all parts of the home from the floor, table, wall, and even the top part of the wall.

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It may only a simple plant but it is quite luxurious with the gold color pot.
This hanging planter will be really awesome for your Boho home style. Look at the hanger which is really represent the Boho style.
It’s such a huge plant that grow into this room. That is why you need the big planter. Here, the planter is in white color that looks clean and sleek.
For the Boho or farmhouse touch, you can apply these planters. Here, burlap and rattan are the materials that used to create the planters.

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If you have enough budget, this kind of planter will be really worthy. Even more, you can bring out the real nature atmosphere into your home.
This hanging planter with its vegetable and herbs look really match placed in the kitchen.
This one is like a small indoor garden. Therefore, it might do not need too much budget as it only need some rocks and red brick.
This planter can be really match to be applied into your modern home design. You’ll get the peaceful in your minimalist home with this design.
This indoor planter has some different kinds of plants from the high plant to the small one.
Look at how adorable to have wall garden. Here, you can grow some different plants to make it looks in varied.
If you can apply this greenery design, then it will be really awesome. It is because you can bring out the tropical atmosphere here.
From the ceiling, wall, to the ceiling are applied with the plants which are really adorable.
This design can be applied into your farmhouse home decoration. It is because of the clay planters used here.
The spot under the stair can be utilised as your planter spot. Even more you can saving the space in your home.
White gravel can be a really awesome material for your planter. Here you can place the pots inside the gravel not to make it exposed.

The other thing that you should choose when preparing your planter is on the plants that you will grow. It can influence the planter since each plant has its own characteristic and need in planter. In this case, you might have known some different planter application with some different plants. In hence, you can analyse the difference on how the planters work well with the right plants.

At last, if you want it then you can add some additional touches into you planters that will beautify it. For example, you can paint your planter with the design that you want. Or, you can even apply beads, fabric, or any other ornament into your planter. The point is that you have to make sure that you can make your planter in harmony with your home decoration. Here, you should be careful not to make it looks too much.

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