20 Inspiring Fireplace Designs for Winter

Nothing splendid than spending your winter with your family or friends in a warm ambiance. Generally, some people like to hold a party at home and spend some relaxing time by having meals, drinking wines, cooking, or watching tv at home in winter. Also, they may conjure up their house to be something which is cozy and warm.

One of the ideas to make a warm yet intimate moment at home is by providing fireplace. This kind of idea is believed to be the one which is effective to create a relaxing family moment in the cold winter. The followings are some examples of fireplace which you can use as references to warm your winter.

A Fire pit in the middle of wood chairs are suitable to enjoy view in the mountain.
Add fleece blanket on the chairs to get a warmth impression

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Portable fireplace design combined with a set of wooden chair for you relax place during the winter season.
Building a fireplace in your patio is suitable for relax place. Complete with rattan chairs for more comfortable.
DIY fireplace design in your outdoor dining room can make you more warm when you enjoy your dinner.
A stone fireplace design in your backyard with two wooden chair as a complement are a simple design to enjoy the winter in outdoor.
You can build a fireplace that made of stone in your swimming pool. It can make your swimming pool more attractive.
An outdoor fireplace design in your cottage, combined with comfortable sofas can make you more comfortable when relaxing.
A stone fireplace design in your backyard is suitable to warm your body in the outdoor. Complete with proper chairs to make more comfortable.

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Fireplace design made of cement it’s good idea to place in your backyard. Because it can warm your body during the winter while you are relaxing in outdoor.
A stone fireplace design in your garden combined with wooden chair are good idea to try. This can be a comfortable place during the winter.
A modern fireplace design with long wooden chair and long wooden table are very recommended to be worn this winter. With the design can make your terrace more sophisticated.
A traditional fireplace design with stone material is a good idea for those of you who want bring a natural impression to your backyard design.
DIY fireplace design that made from natural stone is suitable to be placed in outdoor. Combine with comfortable seat to make your backyard more comfortable.
DIY fireplace design in your backyard combined with a set of wooden chair are a simple design but it’s a good idea to create a comfortable place.
A modern fireplace design with transparent glass cover is very appropriate to make your outdoor design looks more sophisticated and comfortable this winter.
A classic fireplace design combined with foam chair that you can use to relax during the winter.
A small fireplace design beside of swimming pool is a good design for backyard. Complete with iron chairs to make you more comfortable.
A unique fireplace design in the patio is a simple design that you can try during the winter. And you can add some of plants to make more fresh.
DIY fireplace design that made from wooden beams and complete with wooden chairs are a good choice to get a natural feels in your backyard.

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A black Fireplace design with metallic accents is suitable to be placed in your living room. Beside can get a warmth impression, it also can enhance your living room decor.

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It is no matter that you will spend your winter indoor or outdoor. Both places can be modified with a traditional or modern fireplace. As fireplace has fire, it can be your best partner to spend a cold weather in winter, especially at night. Thus, add a fireplace in your night winter party will make your moment more festive. Set your seats into circle and provide a fireplace in the middle of them. Additionally, add cushions and throw blankets to make warmer ambiance.

On the other hands, there are various type, material, and shape of fireplace. A wooden fireplace will look great for your rustic indoor or outdoor decoration. Modern fireplace with glass will look mesmerizing because of its modernity. Moreover, for those who like to be simpler, a portable fireplace seems to be the best option. There are some other fireplace which are made of materials like cement, stone, bricks, etc. For your references, you can put the fireplace in your patio, living room, bedroom, or backyard. This excellent idea will make a comfortable and warm ambiance for your day or night in winter.

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