20 Extraordinary Ideas for Living Room Fireplace Decoration

When talking about the comfort during the winter, fireplace will be the most important thing that you should have. In hence, to just simply have it in common design is such a boring. Even though fireplace needed to bring out the comfort, but you should decorate it as well. It is because, whatever it is, if related with beauty then to decorate it is such a must. Likewise the other parts of your home, then fireplace is also reasonable to decorate.

Modern Fireplace Design

Since modern things become really popular these days, then let’s talk about the modern fireplace design. Just like the other modern decoration, the fireplace will also bring out the simplicity concept. Here, the design will use lines and certain rigid shape. Moreover, you won’t find pretty pattern or unique material because those thing don’t match with modern concept. Go check out these adorable modern fireplace designs.

The black frame for this fireplace design is really modern. The strict and rigid line of the frame give the modern impression indeed.
This fireplace design is really unique and modern. Here, the fire is lengthwise inside the black marble wall.
The fireplace in a transparent glass looks really glorious and adorable. Without any doubt, this fireplace design is really anti mainstream and worthy to have.
As a modern fireplace, this one is quite warm. It is because the farmhouse touch brought into the fireplace. Look at the wood beam in a big size so that the wood exposed well.
This one is quite simple with small fireplace size. Combined with light grey wall color, you can even make it looks more simple.
Just by look at this fireplace in a glance, you’ll find that it is really unique and awesome. This fireplace placed in the centre of the seats.
This high stone wall looks really match with the fireplace design. The fireplace brings the simplicity without any additional ornament.
This square fireplace looks simple yet aesthetic. It is located in a quite high position as it looks anti mainstream.
This fireplace design has the same basic idea with the previous one. However, it is cheaper since it doesn’t have the glass to cover the fireplace.
Look at how awesome the stones in this fireplace. In case you want to make your fireplace don’t have too rigid impression, you can apply this design.

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Farmhouse Fireplace Design

In case you love the warm atmosphere that comes from the old things, then farmhouse design will be great. Moreover, farmhouse also becomes the most favorite decoration design in this modern era. It might be because people are starving of something warm, peaceful, and natural. Since farmhouse design can cover those needs, then you can happily have farmhouse style as your fireplace design ideas.

The stones well arranged to create the wall. Here, the fireplace installed into this stone wall. Add it with wooden rack above the fireplace for any need.
This time, the fireplace located into the stone wall that doesn’t have a regular arrangement. Anyway, it still look adorable.
Although doesn’t have well arranged stone instalment, this stone wall has the flat and equal texture. Moreover, you can give black color touch into the fireplace itself.
The red brick is also proper for your farmhouse touch. Then, for more clean impression you can paint it in white color. For more pretty look, you can add the frame to shape your fireplace.
The clean impression in this fireplace decoration added with candles in old candle holders. Then, for more natural touch, you can put decorative plant beside the fireplace.
Due to the uniqueness touch, you can use some different brick colors like white, grey, and light brown. Then, the rattan basket to place your blanket will also really worthy.
The dark stone here looks really durable and old with its real texture. You can add one single wooden rack to give the extra farmhouse touch.
This time, the fireplace has space that looks like a porch for the fireplace. It is made of the natural stone that arranged to give the natural atmosphere.
Old things around the fireplace are great with its farmhouse impression. Without any doubt, it is clear that the fireplace has the farmhouse style.
Beside for the fireplace itself, this one has the storage to place the wood as the fuel for your fireplace. It is really effective related to the function and aesthetic side.

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At last, talking about the consideration in choosing the right design you should also think about the budget affordability. Here, if you look at the modern design, you’ll find that the designs need more budget. It is because the material used and the technology are really modern and quite expensive. In this case, if you have budgeting issue, then choosing the farmhouse design is the best choice. Each of the design has its own unique characteristic so that you don’t need to worry whatever your choice is.

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